The Caminho da Fé (Path of Faith) is visited by thousands of pilgrims each year and the numbers have grown consistently since its inception. Whether it is a pilgrim’s first time or one of many, The Caminho bestows each with a supernatural experience that is cherished a lifetime.

The Caminho is also part of an integral eco-system that supports the People, Villages, and Churches along the sacred path.

Our Association, which is made up of a small, dedicated team as well as countless volunteers, has a mission “to provide a safe and accessible trail for anyone seeking a renewal of faith and enlightenment by providing good infrastructure and a well-groomed trail”.

Like the rest of the world, COVID has put a severe strain on The Caminho and the eco-system. As a result, we are asking our Friends to help us in our time of dire need – our mission is in jeopardy if we are unable to retain our team.

With the help of BR135 Ultramarathon Race staff we are officially launching a global campaign to help fund our operations and hope that YOU can support us:

USD 1.000,00


USD 500,00


USD 250,00


USD 100,00


Our goal is to raise $50,000 so that we can continue to deliver on our mission for the next two years. We will have a section on The Caminho da Fé site where each benefactor will be recognized in appreciation of your support:

Caminho da Fé Benefactors

To donate, please contact us by email:

Make sure you include the following information:

Name, address and the amount you wish to donate.

We will return with the instructions so you can make your donation.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts –

Nos vemos no Caminho……

“We will see you on the Caminho…..”







Heidi Horn

Kirkland, Washington DC

USD 1000,00