Branches Characteristics

The branches have their own characteristics due to the regions where they pass, since they are distinct and represent a good part of the biodiversity of the southeast of the country.


The signs are constant all the way, every 2 km you will find signs indicating the distance remaining to the Basilica. However, a peculiar characteristic are the yellow arrows throughout the route, they show the direction and are located in poles and trees.

"A path would be a simple path
if it did not pass through so many stories,
so many sensations, so many emotions...

...all the way, every yellow arrow,
every drop of sweat poured,
you will remember every person
who stayed back there, cheering for you"



Águas da Prata (main branch), Sertãozinho, Mococa,
São Carlos, Aguaí, Tambaú e Caconde

Branches are:

Branches are the places where you can start the Path. All branches meet with the main branch that starts in Águas da Prata. From there, the Path of the Faith becomes only one trail to Aparecida.

990km of trails, crossing the Serra da Mantiqueira between São Paulo and Minas Gerais.